At the heart of our efforts and investment in this complex, futuristic field is the customer, for whom we develop cost-effective biopharmaceuticals to treat life-threatening ailments.

Our pioneering efforts in biotechnology have led to the launch of three successful products in the Indian market - Glaritus (long-acting 24-hr insulin analog), Wosulin (recombinant insulin), Wepox (erythropoietin) and Biovac-B (hepatitis B vaccine).

Glaritus - Wockhartd was the first Company in the world after the innovator to launch this breakthrough product. A recombinant long-acting human insulin analog, glargine (branded Glaritus) is formulated on the world-class E.Coli platform technology. Its upstream and downstream processes match international cGMP norms and Wockhardt became a name to reckon with in the biotechnology space – moving from simple biologicals to complex biologicals.



Wosulin - the first r-DNA insulin developed and manufactured outside the US and Europe. It has been manufactured through the latest yeast based expression system.

Additionally the Company’s product basket also includes the patented Wosulin Pen & Cartridge, an automatic insulin delivery device - for the convenience of diabetic patients.


Wepox - Wockhardt’s recombinant erythropoietin, is used in the treatment of anaemia caused by cancer and chronic renal failure. Wepox has been created by mammalian cell culture and meets European Pharmacopoeia standards.

Biovac-B – is a WHO GMP certified hepatitis B vaccine.