Overview Wockhardt is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with a strong research base in the areas of Generics, Biotechnology, New Chemical Entity (NCE) and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS). Our world-class manufacturing facilities adhere to strict cGMP protocols and are compliant with international regulatory agencies like US FDA, UK MHRA, ANVISA and others. 

With local footprints in USA, UK, Ireland, France and India, our strong infrastructure is complimented with an extensive field force and well-established distribution networks.

Wockhardt looks at partnering and collaborating as an important strategic approach that will complement its global ambitions of growth and leadership.

Wockhardt’s pioneering efforts in biotechnology have led to the successful launch of products Wepox (recombinant human erythropoietin), Wosulin (recombinant human insulin) and Glaritus (long-acting Insulin Glargine) in India and other emerging markets. With a rich pipeline of products being developed for worldwide markets, Wockhardt is seeking to partner in developed and emerging markets for its biosimilar portfolio.
India In-licensing
Wockhardt has built a strong presence in the Indian market with focused efforts on high growth therapeutic segments and a 3,300 strong-field force covering over 400,000 medical practitioners. It enjoys excellent brand and customer equity resulting in leadership position in pain management, nephrology, cough therapy and diabetology. Wockhardt has in-licensed niche, patented products in therapeutic areas of dermatology, cosmaceuticals, oncology, medical nutrition and osteoarthritis and looks to leverage on its core strength through in-licensing products to meet unmet medical needs of Indian patients.

European Partnering

Wockhardt’s presence is strongly augmented by the approved manufacturing set-up and skilled field force in:

  • UK - Wockhardt is the 3rd largest generic company and caters to retail generics, hospital generics (2nd largest company), private label GSL / OTC pharmaceuticals & dental care.
  • Ireland - Wockhardt is the largest and fastest growing generic company with strong presence in prescription, OTC and renal business. 
  • France - Wockhardt with its 230-member strong field force has leadership position in Osteoarthritis, Rheumatology, Arterial hypertension & chronic heart failure and Phlebotonic Vasculoprotector.

Wockhardt is currently looking at strategic in-licensing opportunities to enhance its offerings in UK, Ireland and French markets. 


Wockhardt has available a number of EU CTD Dossiers for Out-licensing and seeks partners for Out-licensing within Europe.
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Custom ResearchA high level of innovation and increased productivity are imperatives for research and development initiatives. Wockhardt has entered into an exciting new phase of R&D services, investing to expand the breadth and depth of services to support projects from formulation to finished products. Labs are equipped for formulation and analytical development, including stability studies, method development and validation. Wockhardt believes in quick and timely delivery with quality under the four corners of cost management for customised services, tailor-made specific solutions as per needs, flexibility in development, maintaining complete confidentiality and support for IP related issues.
Contract Manufacturing
Wockhardt with its 4 decades of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience and 40+ contract manufacturing clients has expertise in low cost-base manufacturing together with its extensive expertise and capabilities in different technology platforms offering competitive, high quality, custom end-to-end manufacturing services from API manufacturing, formulation development, analytical method development and validation, small scale & commercial scale manufacture with a global distribution network. The network of manufacturing facilities spanning across US, Europe and India have been accredited by various international regulators including the US FDA, UK MHRA and ANVISA.
Emerging Markets
Wockhardt’s emerging market presence spreads across South-East Asia, Far–East Asia, Africa, Russia, CIS and Latin America countries. It is currently looking to expand its base by offering its pharmaceutical and biotechnology product portfolio with a partner having a complimentary portfolio. Wockhardt has developed scores of dossiers approved by regulators from developed countries available for out-licensing in emerging markets.