Wockhardt People

Wockhardt provides a platform to develop the most significant competencies and energises professional development in the workforce to achieve organisational goals.

It prides itself in fostering personal and professional growth by providing the best opportunities to all its associates.

Career ProgressionOur success, both now and in the future, depends primarily on our people. It is prudent to encourage all associates to develop to their full potential.

We work hard to attract and retain talented, unpretentious people with a 'hands-on' mentality and create an environment in which they can perform to the best of their abilities.

People joining Wockhardt will be connected to a wealth of training, development and career opportunities. However, our philosophy is to encourage people to take ownership of their own progression.

Our success as a company is not just about great products, but great people. We aim to deliver on our promise of being a great place to work and providing opportunities to grow, learn and develop our talents.

People DevelopmentAt Wockhardt we believe good associates are an enabling force that helps us to aim and achieve higher as an organisation. Hence we feel it is important to create a win-win scenario by aligning the aspirations of people with the strategic objectives of Wockhardt. Hence Wockhardt has a series of interventions that are aimed at developing people and leadership capabilities at different levels in the organisation, based on the proprietary competency model - Wockhardt Holistic Excellence Enhancement Lever (WHEEL).

Wockhardt Holistic Excellence Enhancement Lever (WHEEL)

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