1. How can I find out about the different job openings at Wockhardt?
    All job openings at Wockhardt are regularly listed and updated for a specified period on the career page of our website at:

   Applicants must, therefore, apply for the position before the closing date indicated for that particular job posting.

2. If there is a job opening posted on this web site, does that mean the vacancy exists?

3. What are the immediate next steps after submitting my resume online?
     Every resume received online is automatically archived in our electronic resume repository. The hiring group will then review the profile and determine if it meets the

    job requirement. If there is a match, then the recruitment process is initiated with a communication sent to the candidate for a formal interview.

4. How do I find out job responsibilities for that vacancy?
    We have tried to provide as much information as possible on our job description sheet. For any further queries kindly email us at: wockhr@wockhardtin.com